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Matrix bot that generates messages based off of messages of other users using a neural network.


First install the needed libraries. Then copy example.config.json and rename it config.json. Replace the items in angled brackets with their respective values of the bot account (e.g. replace <DOMAIN.TLD> with the homeserver url like https://matrix.org or https://matrix.arrayinamatrix.xyz). You can follow the instructions here to obtain the token of an account.

Once the config file has been populated with valid data, execute the index.js file (Warning: executing for the first time will be slow.).

$ node index.js
<some warnings show up, ignore them>
Client has started!


The project is split into 2 parts index.js and textgen.py. The index.js file contains the code that interacts with the user on Matrix and sends text generated by the textgen.py file.

Install JavaSript SDK:

> pnpm add matrix-bot-sdk

Install Python module:

> pip3 install aitextgen